Risk and Resilience were selected to design and deliver a programme of incident management training for Gold and Silver teams within this global organisation headquartered in London, UK.

We began our support by advising on improvements to the existing incident response structures, processes and plans, with a particular focus on information management and incident decision making. We then designed and delivered training for the London Silver Team and the organisation’s Gold Team (again based in London). The training, and in particular the [practical aspects of the training, revealed several possible enhancements, which were captured during our feedback and reporting.

We were retained to deliver a second tranche of support to other Silver teams based in the UK and at sites in western Europe. We designed a delivered a series of training events, with practical scenario based response elements to embed learning on the realities of incident management, information management, decision making and communications.   We continued to provide advisory support as the capabilities embedded and plans were fine-tuned as part of the ongoing improvement effort.

Risk and Resilience have consequently been retained to design and deliver a series of over 20 training and exercise sessions for the London Gold Team, multiple Silver Teams across Europe and to continue our advisory support to the enhancement of plans, processes and procedures. In particular we have helped refresh and improve the organisation’s processes and capabilities in managing incident related information, decision making and communications.

“We selected Risk and Resilience to lead the further development of our incident and crisis management capabilities over other providers because of their knowledge, reputation and expertise in adding real value to operational and strategic teams and building meaningful resilience capabilities. Their involvement with and knowledge of crisis management best practice (BS11200) was relevant to us and they have brought this to bear in the best practical way, throughout all aspects of their work. For us, they have added significant value in upgrading our plans and the determination of optimum response structures and protocols. Thanks to their support, insight and experience in crisis operations, information management and crisis communications, we have taken a marked step forward in our capability to respond to incidents and crisis. We have continued to call upon Risk and Resilience to design and deliver training and exercises for our Silver Teams in the UK and across Europe, and for our Gold Team in London. Their real world experience, engaging style and energetic delivery have been very well received by our staff and senior management. Risk and Resilience are easy to work with and very responsive to our needs; they’ve added real value and we look forward to continuing to work with them into the future."

Global BCM Manager

Leading Lloyds Market Insurance Company