Are You Ready For ‘The Dance’?

Tomas Pueyo talked of  ‘the hammer’ needed to tackle the immediate impacts of coronavirus and ‘the dance’ as we navigate towards recovery. That dance has begun.

In this weekend’s Sunday Times Business Risk Special Report we share our thoughts on how coronavirus has exposed resilience limitations for many. The perils of  template based ‘aspirational planning’ have led some to ponder the price being paid for lip service. Many are ready for this dance, many are not.

Choreography for ‘The Dance’

The twists and tempo of the dance ahead mean clear information flows are vital.  These flows will help you understand the impacts of the situation on your priorities. This understanding takes specific analysis, done well and done quickly. Clear decision-making processes that reflect the priorities must follow. And teams must tolerate uncertainty, make decisions and implement them.  So the seamless ‘jointery’ of decision takers, decision support team(s) and the rest of the business is crucial. This ‘dance’ needs the careful choreography of a whole business approach to resilience.

If this sounds unfamiliar, look deeper. Ask yourself: “Do we really know how…”

  • …to identify what is critical for us and why it is critical?
  • …resilient these priorities are versus how resilient we want to be?
  • …we will gather the information we need?
  • …to effectively consolidate and ‘make sense’ of this information?
  • …to use this understanding and make decisions that reflect our priorities?

If you’re not sure, our Resilience Navigator might help your thinking.

Critical Thinking, Capable Teams

This kind of resilience capability, needed for the dance ahead, cannot come from a template.  And it doesn’t come from paper plans. It comes from critical thinking, logical planning and capable teams pulling towards a common goal.

This is not the time for lip service.  Don’t bring a knife to the gunfight – and don’t bring a template to the dance.