Established in 1979, Dixons Contractors is a highly respected construction company with a reputation built on integrity, quality, service and the professionalism of their people.

A modern family business that has grown significantly over four decades, their experience extends far and wide across the commercial, public and private sectors in the United Kingdom and Ireland. As they take pride in delivering an increasing number of quality construction projects in all market sectors including commercial, health, education, industrial, leisure, public sector, local authority and residential the resilience of the operation is as important to the company as it is vital to the clients.

Having built levels of resiliency into the fabric of the organisation from the start Dixons Contractors wished to formally codify the approach they were taking, by complying with international best practice, and at the same time ensure that all the risks and threats to their continually expanding operation were adequately assessed and treated. The decisions was therefore taken to adopt a Business Continuity Management Systems that would bring both the tangible resilience benefits being sought whilst at the same time enabling recognised standards certification to be achieved.

The team from Risk and Resilience has worked with Dixons Contractors for several years, since shortly after the first conception of the requirement for a Business Continuity Management Systems. They have helped to develop that capability, spanning as it does strategic and departmental analysis as well as continuity plans and strategies. Our work has enabled Dixons Contractors to create and embed a Business Continuity capability that meets the requirements of the organisation, is practical in its implementation and satisfies the expectations of existing and future clients. We have achieved this by working in collaboration with the lead from Dixons Contractors to design and undertake such activities as impact and risks analysis, plan development, training, exercises and audits.

Our close relationship with Dixons Contractors has been a mutually beneficial one. We have grown in our understanding of their business and sector and they now have real confidence in their capacity to respond to a crisis. It has also allowed Dixons Contractors to achieve, and retain year on year, ISO 22301 BCM certification, which has aided their competiveness in PQQs and tenders.

"Risk and Resilience bring a practical and pragmatic touch to what otherwise could be a burdensome process. Their clarity of thought and sound advice has been extremely helpful in supporting us in achieving what we want to through our Business Continuity capability."

Eleanor Forrest

Business Development Manager Dixons Contractors